Did you heard about invisible ink for printers ?


First of all I want to tell you that I love creative things. Yestarday I recived a e-mail from a company that provide me service for printers & stuff and they informed me about a invisible uv pink for my printers. I never heard about invisible uv ink and I was excited by the ideea of use a invisible pink, that is only visible under uv lights. Such a mysterious thing … But after reading the full mail I discovered that invisible ink can be applied to a writing surface with a specialty purpose stylus, stamp, fountain pen, toothpick, calligraphy pen, or even a finger dipped in the liquid. Once dry, the written surface looks as if it were blank, with a similar texture and reflectivity as the surrounding surface. So guys invisible ink might sound high tech but the invisible ink is used to secure documents, labels, admission tickets (concerts, clubs, bars, private events) but also secret messages. Mention that invisible ink is 100 % compatible with Micro Piezo printheads (recommended for Epson and Brother printers only) !


Anyway, is required a good printer, but also we need, if we want to play like James Bond a uv lamp that reveals invisible prints made with invisible printer ink ! Also a uv lamp is good to detect fake money, checking authenticity of stamps, bills, authentication of original documents. So a 100-200 $ budget is required to buy those things. But, seriously speaking invisible ink is exceptional when you organize an event and you want to secure the tickets or invitations. And also seriously speaking, we can find cases in history when invisible ink was used by spies and other guys to complote against the law. I think that my readers are curious and I can tell you that you can buy invisible ink from uvstuff.com/en/ and pay through paypal and recive the invisible ink no matter where you live. Personally, I don’t need invisible ink because I am just a student, but if you love creative things I think that you can use invisible ink also in art. If you have a good budget with invisible ink and some uv lights you can make something really intersting things. So, what do you think guys about my ideea ? Make art pictures with invisible ink in Romania ? I think that this is a good trick to get well-known in a short time. But it all depends on the budget ….

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